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Delivery workers talk about low pay on social media

• Delivery riders have started talking about long working hours and low pay on social media.

• Zomato’s new ads featuring bollywood stars Katrina Kaif and Hrithik Roshan have come under scrutiny.

• One social media user pointed out that the ads portrayed the plight of overworked delivery workers.

• The conversation around long working hours and low pay initially began when Zomato’s valuations heightened before its July IPO.

• Several delivery riders since have talked about the issue on social media.

• An active account on Twitter, @Deliverybhoy stated, “Most workers don’t have the time, inclination to use Twitter. It’s viewed as a platform for those who speak English and workers don’t feel at home on Twitter. But that’s now changing. Through word of mouth more are logging on to share screenshots.”


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