Delhi Traffic Police updates maximum speed limits for motor vehicles

  • The Delhi Traffic Police issued a new notification on Friday, revoking all prior directives regulating the declaration of speed limits for motor vehicles on NCT of Delhi roadways. The decision further stated that the unauthorized operation of such vehicles on Delhi's roads is threatening the lives of motorists as well as other commuters who chance to be on the road.

  • The agency advised people of the altered maximum speed restrictions for several types of vehicles on Delhi roads in a notification issued by Satyawan Gautam, deputy commissioner of Delhi police (traffic). The new speed restrictions will take effect immediately, according to the Delhi police.

  • The order would be published in the official gazette and posted on the notice boards of all District Deputy Commissioners of Police and all Police Stations in Delhi/New Delhi for the general public's awareness, according to the notification.

  • For the guidance and convenience of the road user/general public, the responsible municipal road maintaining agencies should install the matching informatory sign boards showing the speed restrictions at all conspicuous points on the road/road lengths in their areas of control. This order went into effect on June 8th, with immediate effect.

  • If a vehicle user exceeds the aforementioned speed restriction by less than 5% of the specified guidelines, they would be pardoned, according to Delhi Police. The Delhi police, on the other hand, would take notice of the infraction under section 183 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, if a vehicle exceeds 5% of the specified maximum speed limit, according to the notification.


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