Delhi Riots: Court Dismisses Gulfisha Fatima, Tasleem Ahmed's Bail Plea

  • Gulfisha Fatima and Tasleem Ahmed, campaigners in the case involving what the Delhi police say is a "bigger conspiracy" behind the northeast Delhi riots of February 2020, were denied bail by a Delhi court.

  • Session Extensions Judge Amitabh Rawat denied Fatima's bail request, stating that the allegations against the accused are "prima facie accurate" based on the charge sheet and supporting evidence, and that no relief can be granted due to the embargo imposed by the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA).

  • The judge denied Ahmed's bail application, stating that he was actively participating in the demonstration before and during the riots in northeast Delhi, along with Fatima and others, and that the charges against her are prima facie accurate.


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