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Delhi Police arrests 22-year old climate activist, Disha Ravi

  • The Delhi Police on Sunday arrested 22-year old student, climate activist and the founder of Fridays for Future, an organisation working towards environment protection, in a case related to the 'Toolkit' tweeted by the globally known activist Greta Thunberg to show support for the protesting farmers.

  • The Police have claimed that the toolkit was actually a part of the conspiracy by Khalistani group to wage war against India and accused Disha of attempting to revive a Khalistani group in the country.

  • Disha Ravi, in the court, however stated that she did not make the Toolkit and that she had only edited two lines in the document on February 3. The Police claims her to be the one to have shared the toolkit with Greta Thunberg and further stated that she is 'influenced' by terrorists like Gurpatwant Singh Pannu. The Police has currently taken her into five days of judicial custody for further questioning.


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