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Delhi lacked ‘plan’ to provide water, sewer facilities in unauthorised colonies between 2013-18

What: According to the CAG report on social, general and economic sectors, Work of laying water and sewer lines in Delhi between 2013 and 2018 were planned and executed in an uncoordinated manner, resulting in expenditure incurred remaining unfruitful and the intended benefits undelivered.

Audit of schemes: The CAG conducted performance audit of two schemes- “providing potable water supply in unauthorised colonies” and “providing sewage facilities in authorised colonies” being implemented by the DJB, for which funds are provided by the Urban Development Department in the form of grants-in-aid.


  • In the “absence of a strategic plan”, only 353 and 126 unauthorised colonies were provide piped water supply and sewerage facilities respectively during this period.

  • As of March 2018 Out of a total 1,797 unauthorised colonies, piped water supply and sewerage facilities were available in 1,230(68.4%) and 224 unauthorised colonies(12.5%) respectively.