Delhi HC states car a "Public Place"; masks a must even when driving alone

  • The Delhi High Court today ruled that a mask is required even if a person is driving alone in a car, referring to the vehicle as a "public place." According to the court, the mask is a "suraksha kavach (safety armour)" for the person wearing it as well as those nearby.

  • While hearing a case involving fines for not wearing a mask while driving alone, Judge Pratibha M Singh declared the verdict.

  • "Why would you object to wearing a mask even though you're alone in the car? It's for your own defense "According to the judge. "The pandemic threat has grown. Masks should be worn by anyone, whether or not they have been vaccinated."

  • She went on to say that this was the very least anyone should do to protect themselves from Covid, citing the recommendations of scientists and governments all over the world.

  • According to the court, when a vehicle comes to a complete halt at a traffic light, the driver is often forced to roll down their window. "The coronavirus is so infectious that everyone can get infected except at that time," it added.

  • The order is based on a petition filed by lawyer Saurabh Sharma, who challenged a $500 fine he was ordered to pay after being arrested by the Delhi Police while driving alone without a mask.


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