Delhi HC restores Physical delivery of Summons and Orders

  • The Delhi High Court has reinstated the traditional manner of serving notices, summons, daks, and orders, which had been temporarily changed to virtual mode in the aftermath of the Covid epidemic.

  • The Circular issued by High Court has notified that “In continuation of this court's circular no 488/PSAlR&D/DHC dated 03.05.2021, whereby service of notices/ Summons/ Dak/Orders was temporarily amended, it is informed to all concerned that the same is hereby withdrawn and conventional mode of physical delivery of Notices/ Summons/ Dak is restored w.e.f. 20.09.2021.”

  • The High Court temporarily changed the manner summons and orders were delivered in Physical mode. Orders and summons can now be delivered through WhatsApp and fax, according to the court.


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