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Delhi HC pushes Centre to finalise stance on marital rape in two weeks

  • The High Court of Delhi postponed day-to-day hearings into the topic of "marital rape" for two weeks on Monday, stating that it expected the Centre to finalise its position by then.

  • Justice Rajiv Shakdher told Solicitor General Tushar Mehta that “As a constitutional court, it is our job to decide a petition that comes before us. We don’t know which way it will go....but as a court, it doesn’t gel with us that we keep the matter pending, we have to take a decision".

  • Mehta previously stated that criminalising marital rape, which is a sensitive socio-legal issue, requires a "holistic look," and defended the Centre's affidavit's plea to postpone further hearings due to the ongoing consultative process.

  • According to the SG, the government was neither for nor against repealing the exemption afforded to husbands under the IPC.


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