Delhi HC expresses unhappiness with govt over illegal 'temple' construction

  • The Delhi High Court voiced its displeasure with the Delhi government's handling of illegal encroachment in Defence Colony on Thursday.

  • The court commented that anyone may build a structure outside the High Court overnight and then have to consult the religious committee about it.

  • The court was hearing a plea brought by Viraht Sahni, who was represented by Senior Advocate PV Kapur, lawyers Kaveri Kapur and Jitender Kumar, and was represented by Senior Advocate PV Kapur. The petitioner has asked the respondent to order the illegal encroachment in the form of a temple in front of his land to be removed.

  • "One can't just make a structure of five bricks, an idol and say that it's a temple. To demolish this we have to involve the religious committee."- Justice Rekha Palli


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