Delhi HC criticizes JNU for lack of 'apathy' amid rise of Covid cases

  • On Tuesday, the Delhi High Court slammed Jawaharlal Nehru University for "apathy" and a lack of "swiftness & alacrity" in responding to student and faculty demands to set up COVID treatment and oxygen production facilities on campus, citing a 3-fold increase in COVID cases in recent weeks.

  • According to Justice Prathiba Singh, the varsity administration "needed to have responded with swiftness & alacrity" to the various communications sent to it from April 13 onwards, given the "rigor" of the pandemic. “It's been almost a month, and the vice-chancellor and the administration have yet to react. There is a total lack of interest. “I am astounded,” the Judge expressed his surprise.

  • The Court observed that the number of Covid cases on campus had increased from 74 on April 18 to 211 on May 7. According to HC, all the varsity had to do was contact officials, and assistance may have come from every nearby hospital.


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