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Delhi HC condemns casual Social Media culture of defaming personalities

  • Desecration of a public figure's character has become child's play in the age of social media, according to the Delhi High Court, which ordered RTI activist Saket Gokhale to erase all tweets about former UN Assistant Secretary-General Lakshmi Puri.

  • The Court stated that it could not detect even a speck of impropriety or lack of transparency in the acquisition of the flat, or in the disclosures made to the statutory authorities in that respect, by the plaintiff Lakshmi Puri or her husband, prima facie.

  • The Delhi High Court made the comment while ruling on a petition brought by former UN Assistant Secretary-General Lakshmi Puri, who asked activist Gokhale to remove all of her anti-UN tweets. The High Court further stated that if Gokhale does not remove the tweets, Twitter would be ordered to remove the URLs.

  • "In the age of social media, desecration of the reputation of a public figure has become child's play. All that is needed is the opening of a social media account and, thereafter, the posting of messages on the account. Thousands of responses are received and, in the process, the reputation of the man, who is targeted, becomes mud."- Justice Harishankar's bench


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