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Delhi HC Collegium sends additional names for judge appointments to SC

  • The High Court of Delhi, which has been operating at half its sanctioned strength for over a year, has begun the process of recruiting more justices. According to the news agency after a lengthy discussion over many candidates, the HC Collegium has proposed 8 names from the subordinate judiciary to the Apex Court for elevation.

  • The most recent suggestions were issued nearly a year after the Supreme Court rejected the HC's six choices from last year. The Supreme Court had refused to appoint the six district judges to the HC and had returned their names for "reconsideration" for a variety of reasons, including the fact that some of the senior judges had been bypassed.

  • Since then, the collegium has been reviewing applicants in the zone of consideration for elevation to the higher post in order to select judges from the district judiciary, also known as the "service quota." It has now finalized eight candidates for Supreme Court approval and subsequently Central government approval. Poonam Bamba, Yashwant Kumar, and Neena Bansal Krishna are among them. Dinesh Kumar Sharma, Anoop L Mendiratta, Rajiv Mehra, Swaran Kanta Sharma, and Sudhir Kumar Jain are all District Judges, with the exception of Mehra.


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