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Delhi Government cuts legal drinking age to 21 years

  • Delhi's Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Monday stated that the legal drinking age has been brought down to 21 years from the previous 25 years.

  • While making this announcement, he stated that this change or reform will lead to a hike of at least 20 percent in it's annual excise reforms. He further added that the Delhi government will not run any liquor stores and no new liquor stores will be opened in the national capital. Deputy CM Sisodia stated that these reforms will help to bring down the role of liquor mafia in the city. He stated that currently, 850 stores are run by the government but liquor mafia illegally run about 2000 liquor stores.' Government will ensure the equitable distribution of stores, so that liquor mafia are thrown out.'

  • According to the new rules, the minimum permissible area for a liquor store should be 500 square-foot. The main gate of such stores must not face the road. Store owners will have to enssuree that there are no public places near their stores.


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