Delhi CM regrets broadcasting PM's live meeting

  • During Prime minister Narendra Modi's meeting with Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal along with the Chief Minister of other states on Friday, the Delhi CM has broadcasted the Prime minister's live meeting.

  • After the live show went on television news channels due to which Kejriwal caught in controversy. Later on, he apologized and regretted broadcasting the PM's live meeting.

  • In the leaked live meeting Kejriwal is seen requesting the Prime minister with folded hands to take the issue of oxygen shortage seriously. He appealed " 2nd wave of COVID-19 has touched a new record of 3.32 lakh cases and 2,263 deaths in 24 hours. Delhi demands an oxygen supply of 700 tonnes but the government has fixed a 400 tonnes quota but in a few days Delhi hospitals are getting only 350 tonnes of oxygen. The oxygen tankers are being stopped at Delhi State borders this has created a huge tragedy".

  • Delhi CM added " Due to the shortage of oxygen in Delhi hospitals the rate of deaths is rising. If this situation is not overcome then the centre and state governments will never be able to forgive their fault of mismanagement".


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