Data Protection Bill and Tech Firms not in cahoots; could move court if JCP’s suggestions Accepted

  • Globally acclaimed leading tech firms and internet companies could move the court challenging provisions with regards to the data protection bill if lawmakers collectively decide to be in alignment with all the suggestions put forth by the Joint Committee of Parliament (JCP) in the final legislation mentioned in by a report from The Economic Times.

  • The Joint Committee on the Personal Data Protection Bill adopted a draft report on November 22 with seven of its 31 members approaching it with dissent notes against various clauses.

  • According to the report, the most imperative stance of contention resides in the proposal to compartmentalize social media forums as publishers because it directs the onus for self-generated personal content on the firms itself, thereby invoking pressure on major firms alongside big names like Facebook, Google’s YouTube, Twitter and Whatsapp all of whom are at stake to lose out on the sheltered immunity at present offered by Information Technology Act, 2000.

  • TI Information Technology Industry Council considers firms like Intel, Amazon and Apple as its members.

  • Private consultants display worry over social media tech giants like Facebook and Google if in case they are relegated as publishers.

  • The JPC was brought to existence in 2019 to look in the matter concerning the parliamentarians emanating no unity over provisions of the regulation which meant to offer a authorized form to Right to Privacy after being made an elementary proper by the Supreme Court in 2017.


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