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Dance of Death- A captivating long take

The Family Man (2019) created by the dynamic director duo Raj-DK is a clear proof of riveting and solid filmmaking. 10 episode long series follows the personal as well as the professional story of a spy agent-Srikant Tiwari (a remarkable Manoj Bajpayee) who is shouldered with the responsibility of national security, which involves capturing dreaded terrorists, interrogating them, coordinating secret missions, protecting citizens against covert operations planned by radical outfits. With so much at hand, he is unable to give the desired attention and time to his wife and children. Caught between a rock and a hard place, what follows is a gripping drama lifted by absurdist humour, sincere performances, and detailed writing.

Spoiler Alert*

It’s in episode 6, where comes the most powerful and ambitious scene of the show- a captivating 13-minute long take. A most wanted assassin (Moosa) attempts to escape from the hospital, where he is detained by Srikant and his team of officers. Shot all across the hospital, the scene starts with a group of henchmen entering the premises of the hospital with a well-made plan to take their master with them. Soon it all goes down the hill, with guns blazing all around, a hand fight in the washroom- stabs and punches, civilians dying, the staff of the hospital being held captive, ruthless killing of security forces and finally, Moosa escaping. Indeed dance of death.

What is to be paid attention to is that such a delicate action sequence was a long take. Along with the makers the credit should be given to the Director of Photography (DOP) Azim Mollan and Action Director Aezaz Gulab.

The Family Man is streaming now on Prime Video.


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