Criminal defamation case filed against Javed Akhtar by RSS worker

• A criminal case has been filed against Javed Akhtar for the remarks he made about the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh.

• A legal notice seeking ₹100 crore for damages has been sent to the veteran actor by another advocate.

• Dhrutiman Joshi, an advocate and an RSS worker had approached Kurla magistrate to file the criminal defamation case against Akhtar.

• In the complaint filed by Joshi, he has stated that the actor claimed that “RSS has become a cancer that has spread in society.

• Joshi added, “The accused has desperately failed to prove that even one member or supporter of RSS has acted like a Taliban and taken over a state or country undemocratically and if he has spotted a gun-toting RSS supporter.”


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