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Cow dung found in passenger’s bag by U.S customs

• The U.S Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials found a suitcase left behind with two dug cakes at Washington Dulles International Airport on 4th April.

• The officials were not amused to have found the restricted items since they carry the risk of foot-and-mouth disease.

• It is seen as a worldwide concern by the U.S. Department of Agriculture since the disease can spread rapidly.

• Acting director of field operation for CBP’s Baltimore Filed Office Keith Fleming stated, “Foot and mouth disease is one of the main animal diseases that livestock owners dread most, has grave economic consequences, and it is critical threat focus of Customs and Border Protection’s agriculture protection mission.”

• He added, “CBP’s agriculture specialists are out nation’s frontline protectors of vital agricultural and natural resources that help keep our nation’s economy strong and robust.”

• The dung cakes were destroyed by CBP officials and it is still not clear why the passenger brought it onboard.