Covid patient prepares for CA exam in hospital

• The photograph of a Covid patient preparing for the Chartered Accountants examination from his hospital bed in Odisha went viral on Twitter and was shared by IAS Officer Vijay Kulange.

• The patient had his books and calculators spread out on the hospital bed, wearing a face mask and spectacles.

• The patient’s dedication was praised by Mr. Kulange on Twitter. He wrote, “Success is not coincidence. You need dedication.”

• The picture has racked up more than 10,000 ‘likes’ since being shared.

• Some Twitter users praised the man preparing for a notoriously-difficult examination even while battling Covid while others suggested that his hospital bed could be saved for more critical patients at a time when several parts of the country are reporting a shortage of hospital beds, oxygen supply and medicines.

• One user tweeted, “He looks good enough to be treated at home isolation..Bed should be given to more needy ones.”


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