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COVID-19 'hate crimes' surge against Asians in America

  • On Friday the United States President Joe Biden signed a law in the protection of Asian - Americans due to the rise in COVID-19 'Hate crimes in the country.

  • According to a report, an elderly Thai immigrant was killed by an American due to COVID hate. He was shoved to the ground and killed by a box cutter. A Chinese woman was slapped and set on fire due to COVID hate.

  • The numbers of COVID-19 ' hate crimes' are increasing. Some groups of Americans are brutally killing Asians living in the US due to COVID hate. The groups are provoked to spread hate and violence against Asians. They are blaming Asians for massively spreading Coronavirus Pandemic as the pandemic virus originated in China.

  • However, the FBI has warned the US to expect a surge in COVID-19 hate crimes against Asians.