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Couple have liberty to live-in even if one of the partner has not attained marriageable age: HC

The Punjab & Haryana High Court held in an order of considerable import that the life and freedom of a living couple must be secured even though one of the spouses has not reached a marriageable age (Priyapreet Kaur and Anr. v. State of Punjab and Ors.).

Therefore, the Single-Judge Bench of Justice Alka Sarin observed that society can not decide how a person should live his or her life, particularly when people are significant.

Justice Sarin ruled that because the freedom to select a wife is a facet of the right to life, the life and liberty of a live-in couple should be secured.

A petition filed by a couple who alleged that they were being abused and intimidated by the family of the woman because of their relationship was heard by the Court. As the guy had not yet met the minimum marriageable age, the two decided to marry each other, but wanted to be in a live-in partnership. Nevertheless, both were majors.