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Congress chief Sonia Gandhi says country at crossroads, slams Modi government

  • In a sharp attack on the Modi-led central government Congress President Sonia Gandhi said that the country was standing at crossroads, first time since India achieved independence.

  • Sonia Gandhi said that due to the insensitive nature of the government, on one hand the country’s anndata was protesting on the roads against the 3 farm laws for the last 44 days.

  • Further she said that the Central government was breaking the back of the common man, middle class and poor by charging high excise duty on petrol and diesel.She said while the price of crude oil is USD 50.96 per barrel — just Rs 23.43 per litre internationally — diesel is being sold for Rs 74.38 and petrol at Rs 84.20 per litre in the national capital.

  • Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi said that from the last six years the government has increased the excise duty to recover about Rs 19,00,000 crore from the pockets of common people.

  • Notably this is the highest ever price of petrol in Delhi.