Congress alleges Ayodhya land scam

  • The Congress, in a press conference led by Priyanka Gandhi and Randeep Sujrewala alleged the operation of land grab in the Ayodhya region- near the Ram Mandir area.

  • Priyanka Gandhi, showing property sale documents, said land near the Ram temple valued at ₹ 2 crore was sold twice - for ₹ 8 crore and the second time, for ₹ 18.5 crore - to the Ram Mandir Trust set up by the centre in 2020.

  • Sujrewala asserted that this instance was probably the fastest that the land value appreciated as the price went up several crores in just a matter of minutes while land ownership was being exchanged hands.

  • They said that even though a zila parishad-level officer has been tasked with probing the matter by the UP government, but since the construction of the Ram temple is monitored by the Supreme Court, the investigation into this allegation should come under the Supreme Court's purview.


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