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CJI: You can trust India's Judiciary for its independence and Constitutional strength

  • The Chief Justice of India, speaking at the fourth edition of the International Conference on Arbitration in the Age of Globalization on Saturday, urged the world to trust India's judiciary because of its independence and constitutional strength.

  • He emphasised in his speech that arbitration is the best conflict resolution mechanism for the globalised world because it is party-driven, procedurally flexible, involves domain experts, and is a time-bound procedure designed to provide quick relief.

  • Justice Ramana began his lecture by emphasising how the world has changed since he initially entered the profession. He believes that in a globalised society, a conflict resolution mechanism that is acceptable and fair to all parties is required, with both sides having an equal say in the resolution of the problem.

  • He informed the audience that India and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) had signed into a reciprocal agreement in 2020 for automatic execution of foreign decisions by courts in any nation, highlighting the need of uniformity and stability in the process.

  • He emphasised that Indian courts were well-known for being pro-arbitration and assisting in arbitration.