CJI: Sorry State of Affairs in Parliament

  • Earlier arguments in the two Houses were smart and productive, according to Chief Justice NV Ramana, but there is currently a lack of clarity in laws being adopted in Parliament.

  • On Sunday, Chief Justice of India NV Ramana remarked that Parliament was in a terrible state of things, with no clarity of legislation causing a lot of trouble for everyone.

  • The CJI made the comment in the wake of widespread criticism of Parliament's just finished monsoon session, which ended two days ahead of schedule owing to persistent interruptions and commotion in both Houses.

  • The chief justice, speaking at a flag-hoisting ceremony, said that while earlier debates in the two Houses of Parliament were wise and constructive, there was now a lack of quality in the discussions held while enacting laws, adding that such a situation usually arose when intellectuals and professionals such as lawyers were not present in the House.

  • "If you see debates which used to take place in Houses in those days, they used to be very wise, constructive… Now, (it is) a sorry state of affairs...There is no clarity in laws. It is creating a lot of litigation and loss to the government as well as inconvenience to the public," - CJI NV Ramana


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