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China welcomes new Taliban Govt.

  • After the Taliban emerged victorious to capture Afghanistan's capital Kabul, they look to establish an open and inclusive government in the country.

  • As the Taliban seeks international recognition, the Chinese government has released its statement and affirmed its stand in the favor of the new government.

  • The Chinese government said that they welcome the new government and look to form good relations with the country.

  • “The situation in Afghanistan has undergone major changes and China respects the wishes and choices of the Afghan people,” Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said in Beijing.

  • "We welcome this,” the spokeswoman said.

  • “China stands ready to develop good-neighborly, friendly, and cooperative relations with Afghanistan, and to play a constructive role in the peace and reconstruction of Afghanistan.” the spokesperson added.

  • "On many occasions, the Taliban has expressed the hope of developing sound relations with China, saying they look forward to China's participation in the reconstruction and development of Afghanistan, and that they will never allow any forces to use the Afghan territory to endanger China,” she said.

  • "We hope the Taliban will unite with all parties and ethnic groups in Afghanistan to establish a broad and inclusive political structure that suits its own national conditions to lay the foundation for realizing a lasting peace in Afghanistan. China respects the right of the Afghan people to independently determine their own destiny,” she added at the end.