China to play mediator between Israel and Palestine. Here’s why

• Calling for an immediate ceasefire and proposing to host negotiations, China has offered to play peacemaker in an Israeli-Palestine conflict that has led to some of the worst bloodshed in seven years.

• China, by taking an active role in the contentious issues, is presenting itself as a responsible global power and an alternative to U.S.

• The United States is a strong ally of Israel. Compared with it, China is seeking to mediate the crisis as a neutral party.

• Since the early days of the People’s Republic which was founded in 1949, China has been supporting the Palestinian cause.

• Since Beijing shifted its focus from ideological struggles to economic development after 1979, it has largely treated Israel and Palestine as equals.

• China is currently said to be Israel’s second-biggest trading partner, major infrastructure projects have been undertaken by Chinese companies and Israel and massive investments have been made in the tech industry.


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