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China to draw ‘line of separation’ on Mt. Everest

• Beijing is planning to draw a line on the summit of Mt. Everest to stop climbers from the China and Nepal sides from encountering each other.

• Mountaineers can reach the summit of Mt. Everest, that is 29,032 foot, from Nepal or the Chinese region of Tibet.

• No foreigners from the Chinese side have been allowed to reach the Everest summit since COVID-19 became widespread in early 2020.

• According to a report, only 21 Chinese climbers were approved to scale the peak this year.

• According to the head of Tibet’s sports bureau, a team of local guides will put up a line of separation on the summit before climbers set off for the peal in mid-May to prevent them from contacting those on the Nepal side of the mountain.

• He further stated that Chinese climbers will be banned from crossing the line or touching any objects left by the climbers from the Nepal side.

• However, it is still unclear how the line will be set up or what form it will take.


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