China expected to inaugurate mega data centres clusters

  • China has approved to build four mega clusters of data centres in China’s north and west to support the need for data of Beijing and major coastal centres.

  • The clusters are expected to be built in the northern Inner Mongolia region, northwestern part of the Ningxia region, Gansu province and southwestern Guizhou province.

  • The state planner has commented that the four locations can be used to set up green and low-carbon mega centres.

  • Chinese cities have already built renewable energy resources like wind and solar power to serve the economically developed coast.

  • The move has come after the energy-hungry data centres in China’s eastern coast have found difficulty in expansion due to the limits posed by the electricity corporation.

  • A marine economy development plan on December 14 encouraged coastal cities like Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai to relocate high energy energy-consuming centres to underwater stations.


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