China creates History? Check out the reality behind its Mars landing

  • In a major development China's unmanned spacecraft has successfully landed on Mars. This makes china the second nation to do so, contrary to what many people claim that China has created history

  • Notably last year USA's Perseverance rover had successfully landed on Mars's Jezero Crater. China's Tianwen-1 spacecraft's Zhurong rover landed approximately 2,000 kilometers away from Jezero Crater

  • The Zhurong rover landed on the Utopia Planitia. It will perform in-situ chemical analysis of the soil composition and probe surface and sub-surface of the planet. Over the years mars has gained a lot of attention of the scientist of various nation because Mars has various possibility of human habitation in the coming years. Planets like Venus and Mercury are too hot and planets like Jupiter are made up of gas and are too cold.


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