China builds strategic bridge across Pangong Lake

  • In a major event, satellite imagines from the geo-intelligence expert Damien Symon suggest that China may be building a bridge across the Pangong lake in the eastern Ladakh region.

  • The bridge, which is being constructed across a part of the lake that falls within Chinese territory, connects both banks of the lake and gives China the ability of quickly move soldiers and heavy weaponry.

  • This was the area of the contentions between India and China last year. With this bridge, China will gain the benefit of being able to move soldiers to any route in the contentious area- thus giving the Chinese forces an edge over the Indian forces.

  • Since 2020, more than 50,000 troops from India and China have been deployed in eastern Ladakh from the Depsang plains to the north and to the Demchok area further south.


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