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China Begins Import Of Indian Rice After 2 Years

  • According to the All India Rice Exporters Association (AIREA), China has begun importing rice from India after a span of 2 years.

  • This development comes amid the rising tensions at the borders between the two nations.

  • The Indian rice agency also informed that China has imported 150 million tonnes of Basmati rice till October.

  • China has also placed an order for the shipment of 5000 tonnes of non-Basmati rice.

  • In China, rice is used for making noodles and in the wine industry.

  • China has shifted to India for rice imports as India has been providing rice at competitive and fair prices.

  • "Although market access was given in 2006, China imported about 974 tonnes of non-basmati rice in 2017-18 fiscal. Now after a gap of two years, we have started receiving enquiries...," AIREA Executive Director Vinod Kaul said.


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