China and Russia planning to build Joint Lunar Space Station

  • On Tuesday, Russia and China agreed to build a lunar space station, as Moscow seeks to modernize its extraterrestrial might and catch up with the US in the space race.

  • Russia sent the first man to space during the Soviet Union and is now lagging behind Washington and Beijing in the exploration of the Moon and Mars.

  • Roscosmos, which is Russia’s space agency, said that a memorandum was signed by its head Dmitry Rogozin and Zhang Kejian of China’s National Space Administration (CNSA). It stated that the lunar station will be deigned as a “complex of experimental research facilities created on the surface and/or in the orbit of the Moon”.

  • The statement said that it would be available for use by other interested countries and international partners.

  • Last year Russia lost its monopoly for manned flights to the international space station (ISS) after the first successful mission of the US company Space X. Space X is planning a trip to Moon that will be open to several members of the public.


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