China aims to create history in Space science. Tap to find out how

  • China’s National Space administration on Sunday announced that its Change-5 has successfully taken off for earth with a sample load of 2kg. It is expected to arrive on 16-17 December.

  • The Change-5 probe comprises of an orbiter, a lander, an ascender, and a returner. The lander drilled and collected lunar samples that weighed two kg from Mons Rumker in Oceanus Procellarum which is situated on the near side of the moon. The samples were then sealed and transferred to the ascender which took off from the Moon’s surface on December 3.

  • China will become the first country in 45 years to research and collect samples of the Far side of the moon. Earlier today JAXA, which is Japan’s astronomical agency also received samples of its unmanned Hayabusa-2 mission, after a wait of six years.


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