Chile votes for a new Constitution

  • More than three quarters of Chileans, on Sunday, voted in favour of removing the dictatorship-era Constitution and voted in a referendum to install a new Constitution.

  • Of the 14.97 million eligible Chileans, more than 7.5 million voted in the referendum which saw 78% people voting in favour of installing a new constitution. This was the highest turnout since the time Chile adopted voluntary voting in 2012.

  • With this, the constitution from the time period of 1973-1990, under the dictatorship period of Augusto Pinochet will come to an end and a new constitution will be framed by a 155-seat convention of citizens which will be elected in April 2021 and then will be framing the text for the new constitution in another year.

  • Majority citizens wish for the new constitution to enshrine equality in healthcare, pensions and education.


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