Check out where India stands in Global Hunger Index

  • In the recently released Global Hunger Index rankings, India slipped to the 101st position. A total of 116 countries have been ranked by the Index

  • With this only,15 countries — Papua New Guinea (102), Afghanistan (103), Nigeria (103), Congo (105), Mozambique (106), Sierra Leone (106), Timor-Leste (108), Haiti (109), Liberia (110), Madagascar (111), Democratic Republic of Congo (112), Chad (113), Central African Republic (114), Yemen (115) and Somalia (116) — fared worse than India this year.

  • Countries like China are among the top rankers with a score of less than five

  • The indicators on which the countries have been ranked are undernourishment; child wasting, child stunting, child mortality

  • However, India has shown improvement in indicators like the under-5 mortality rate, the prevalence of stunting among children, and prevalence of undernourishment owing to inadequate food, the report said


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