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Check out what's going on in India's neighbourhood

  • The South-Asian region has faced a major crisis since the last few weeks of March

  • India's neighbour to the West has faced a major constitutional crisis, where the country witnessed a first-ever political overturn of the highest offices of the country. PM Imran Khan lost the majority to the Pakistan Muslim League (Sharif)'s candidate Shahbaz Sharif

  • Notably, the Imran Khan was at odds with the Army over the appointment of the ISI chief. Further, now the new PM under his slogan of 'Purana Pakistan' is sending a delegation to IMF to resolve his country's looming economic crisis.

  • Further, Sharif has also said that he wants peace and goodwill with his neighbouring country, India

  • Down South, Island-country of Sri Lanka is witnessing a major upheaval due to current account deficits and the official default of the country's sovereign bonds

  • The Rajapaksa brothers are facing a number of protests due to their failure to handle the crisis and driving the country into ruin

  • India has turned out to be a major supporter in the times of crisis since it has extended multiple billion-dollar credit lines to the starving nation to set its path right

  • Further, this has helped India in gaining the ground that it had lost to China years ago

  • To its east, Myanmar has been under a Military coup since February 2021 with Nobel Laureate Aung San Sui Kyi under arrest.

  • While India resited from engaging with the army in the initial days however off lately it realised the importance of keeping its interests intact which was followed by a visit of foreign secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla to Myanmar.