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Check out the latest developments as US exits from Afghanistan

  • As United States continues to airlift its troops from Afghanistan and end its 'forever war' in the country, the security situations continues to worsens

  • United states which had expanded its presence in order to counter the growing strength of Communist Soviet and aftermath the 9/11 terror attacks as a part of the 'Global War on Terrorism', now leaves the country in a mess and more violence than before

  • Taliban has continues to capture more than a dozen districts in the country as more than 1,000 troops of Afghanistan army fled to neighboring Tajikistan and now eyes to capture the key Bagram air base. Taliban has captured atleast one-third of 421 districts of Afghanistan.

  • India has also chalked out its policy response to safeguard its interest. However India on Tuesday dismissed speculation about the closure of its embassy and two consulates in Afghanistan even as Afghan envoy Farid Mamundzay briefed foreign secretary Harsh Shringla on the fragile security situation in the troubled country.


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