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CFU writes to UK parliament on atrocities committed against the Uyghur people by China

  • On Friday, a US-based rights group, Campaign for Uyghurs (CFU) wrote a letter to the United Kingdom Parliament calling attention to the most horrific human rights atrocities committed against the Uyghur people by China.

  • The CFU informed that they were encourages by a discussion on the Indian farmers’ protest in the UK parliament and believed that theirs was a much more serious issue.

  • The letter was written by Rahima Mahmut, human rights activist on behalf of CFU. The letter stated, “Please open the doors, allow us to speak. Meaningful action is long overdue. If the UK fails to address this genocide with meaningful action, they will likewise fail their own conscience and the vow of ‘never again’”.

  • The letter further read, “I was impressed to see the moral tone of conversation surrounding the farmers protests in India. We hope to see this momentum carried for a bold condemnation of the atrocities against the Uyghur people, accrued out by the brutal Chinese Communist regime”.She wrote about how her own sister, a retired medical doctor, was abducted by the Chinese regime as retaliation for my advocacy work against the herding of people in concentration camps and bout how CFU would like to have the support and be granted a day in court by the UK parliament to testify.