Centre To Release ₹4382 Crores As Relief To States Affected By Calamities

  • On Friday, Home Ministry disclosed that the central government will release ₹4382 crores to the 6 states as a relief fund for the damages caused by calamities that occurred in these states this year.

  • The amount will be disbursed from the National Disaster Response Fund.

  • The decision was taken by Home Minister Amit Shah led high-level committee.

  • The states to receive the funds are- West Bengal, Odisha, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Sikkim.

  • For the damages caused by the cyclone ‘Amphan’, ₹2707.77 crores and ₹128.23 crores have been released for West Bengal and Odisha respectively.

  • For the damages caused by floods and landslides,₹577.84 crores, ₹611.61 crores and ₹87.84 crores have been released for Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Sikkim respectively.


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