Centre to Delhi HC: PM Cares Fund not govt fund

  • The PM Cares Fund is not a Government of India fund, the Centre told the Delhi High Court in an affidavit, adding that the amount collected by it does not go to the Consolidated Fund of India.

  • The affidavit said the trust functions with transparency. It stated that the trust accepts all donations via online payments, checks, or Demand Drafts, and that the amount collected is audited, with the audited report and trust fund expenditures posted on the website.

  • "The trust functions on the principles of transparency and public good in larger public interest like any other charitable trust and, therefore, cannot have any objection in uploading all its resolutions on its website to ensure transparency,"- PTI News Agency

  • The affidavit was filed by Pradeep Kumar Srivastava, the Under Secretary in the Prime Minister's Office (PMO), who is serving at the PM Cares Trust on an honorary basis, according to the PTI report.


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