Centre Paid ₹6,140 Cr. Out Of ₹46,950 Cr. GST Dues; Maharashtra Governor

  • On Monday, Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh said that out of ₹46,950 crore due to the state government as GST compensations, the Centre has paid just ₹6,140 crore and ₹11,520 crore as loan by the end of February.

  • Koshyari, addressing the joint sitting of members of the state legislature on the first day of the budget session, said compensation to the tune of ₹29,290 crore is overdue from the central government.

  • It was noted by Koshyari that the coronavirus-induced lockdown slowed down the state’s economy in addition to medical emergency and natural calamities.

  • The state has provided priority funding to the departments of public health, medical education and drugs, relief and rehabilitation, food and civil supplies and home during the pandemic, despite significant reduction in revenue, said the governor in his speech.

  • He said, “To stimulate the economy, my government has provided for 75% of the budgetary provision for capital expenditure and released 100% money to the Local Development Fund, DPC schemes and Dongri Vikas Karyakram”.

  • He further stated that sufficient laboratories were set up for testing infected people in Maharashtra and the state was the first to erect temporary jumbo corona hospitals in record time.


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