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Centre denies Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee permission to take part in peace conference in Italy

  • The Union Ministry of External Affairs have denied permission to West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to attend the World Peace Conference to be held in October in Italy.

  • The rationale behind the rejection of permission has been from a 'political angle' and because the "event is not commensurate in status for participation by the chief minister of a state".

  • The event, which will be centred around Mother Teresa, will be attended by dignitaries like German counsellor Angela Merkle, Pope Francis among others.

  • Earlier, the Italian government had requested Mamata Banerjee not to come with any delegates. Ms. Banerjee however, proposed industry delegation clearance and requested the Ministry of External Affairs for it. The permission was rejected.

  • The TMC had reacted sharply to this move and have criticised it.