Centre allows Sudarshan News to air remaining episodes of "Bindas Bol" with some modifications

  • On Wednesday, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (I&B Ministry) warned Sudarshan News on its contentious show, 'Bindas Bol,' but allowed the news channel to air the rest of the programme episodes subject to necessary modifications.

  • After hearing the complaints against the controversial initiative that suspected a systematic ploy on the part of the Muslim group to manipulate UPSC Jihad, the I&B Ministry passed the order. The Ministry found that the performance was not in good taste" and had the "likelihood of fostering the mindset of the group."

  • The Ministry claimed in an order passed on November 4 and put on record before the Supreme Court on Wednesday that while freedom of speech and expression is a fundamental right, "the tone and tenor of telecast episodes suggest that the channel violated the programme code through the numerous utterances and audio-visual material.”


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