Center and Farm unions at loggerheads

  • The Supreme Court of India is scheduled to decide on the farm bills related issue on January 11, Monday. However the AIKSCC opposed the move saying that, the courts cannot intervene in the issue to resolve the political deadlock between the two sides since the farm bills primarily concerned a policy issue.

  • The unions, however, decided to put forward their arguments in the court. The Supreme Court on December 17,2020 had asked the farm unions to explain their stance in regards to a petition seeking removal of the protestors from the borders of Delhi.

  • Agricultural Minister Narendra Singh Tomar during the eight round of talks had stated that the issue of constitutionality of law can be settled in the Supreme Court.

  • Avik Saha, a working group member of AIKSCC said that “as far as constitutionality of the laws is concerned, the SC can look into the issue. But it should stay away from the policy aspect of it which the unions think is not in the interest of the farmers.”


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