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CCP replaces officials accused of human rights violation by the US

  • The Communist Party chief in China's Xinjiang region accused of carrying crackdown against the Muslim minorities is leaving after seven years in office.

  • The alleged governor Chen Quanguo who acted as the chief is replaced by Ma Xingrui, governor of the Guangdong province.

  • Chen is credited with re-establish order after the pro-independence demonstrations in Tibet. The Communist Party chief was appointed as a member of the Communist Party politburo in 2017.

  • A move has been seen as a reward to Chen for restoring order in Tibet.

  • The news on the reeducation camps in Xinjiang spread after Chen assumed his office, where the Uyghur and Muslim minorities were subjected to severe mental and physical abuse.

  • The alleged involvement of Chen placed him on the U.S backlist. China has rejected the claims and reiterated that the camps are vocational centres where the inmates graduated in 2019.