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CCI proposes a set of self regulatory measures for cab aggregators

  • What: Competition Commission of India (CCI) proposed self-regulatory measures to control the surge in cab pricing.

  • Self-regulatory Measures: Cab aggregators should provide customers with a general description of various components of total fare with clear mention of the surge component in the invoice.

  • Rude Cancellation: In case a passenger rudely cancels the ride, drivers should be notified in a transparent manner what portion of the cancellation charge is taken by the cab aggregator, and what portion is passed on to them.

  • Dominant Members: Ola and Uber are the dominant players in the market.

  • CCI's Statement: "This advisory is being issued based on the observations and recommendations of the study in the Cab Aggregators (CAs) market in India and the mandate of the Commission, inter alia, to ensure fair competition and for overall a well-functioning ecosystem," an official statement by CCI said.


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