CBI to probe TMC leader's wife in Coal smuggling case

  • The Central Bureau of Investigation has asked Rujira Banerjee, wife of Trinamool Congress party leader Abhishek Banerjee to join an ongoing investigation in a coal smuggling case. She has been offered to meet the investigating team between 11am to 3pm on Tuesday.

  • Abhishek Banerjee is the nephew of West Bengal CM and party chief Mamata Bnaerjee and these summons come just a few months before the assembly elections are scheduled in the state. Maneka Gambhir, sister-in-law of Abhishek Banerjee has also been summoned in the investigation.

  • Rujira Banerjee, in a statement stated that she was unaware of the reasons for the CBI summoning her but stated that she wil completely cooperate in the investigation. Abhishek Banerjee also stated that the trust the law of the land.


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