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Canada Elections 2021

  • 49-year-old incumbent Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is set to return to power although with a minority government

  • Trudeau had called for snap polls in August in the hope for a majority government mandate and to sail through his plans of reviving the country from the pandemic

  • The 2021 polls saw a repeat of the 2019 mandate according to several TV channels, Liberals are set to win 156 seats and conservatives 123 seats

  • A party needs to win at least 170 out of 338 seats to form a majority government

  • Liberals won a vote share which was less than the conservatives, yet they will hold on to power

  • The PM said the voters had given his government “clear direction” and that it was “ready” to deliver on a number of issues, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, the economy, climate change, and Indigenous reconciliation.