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Calcutta HC takes suo motu cognizance of illegal smuggling of endangered birds

  • On Friday, the Calcutta High Court took notice of the surge in cases of smuggling of endangered migratory bird species during the winter months (Court on its own motion, In re Smuggling and illegal trading of endangered species of birds).

  • A bench consisting of Chief Justice Thottathil B Radhakrishnan and Justice Arijit Banerjee found the procedure inhuman, immoral and unconstitutional and ordered that the matter be registered as a petition for public interest litigation.

  • Three issues were also framed for review by the Court:

  1. The scope of smuggling and illicit trade of endangered bird species;

  2. Fixing liability for those acts;

  3. Providing the authorities concerned with the necessary instructions to ensure that smuggling and other illegal activities do not take place and that the violators are "taken to task on a war footing".


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